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Saturday, May 21, 2011



• What happened to the jan-lokpal bill and the common man’s crusade against corruption?
• Why has the media stopped extensive coverage of the proceedings pertaining to the bill and the lokpal?
• The massive uproar, as they used to call it, was perfectly sandwiched between the IPL and the WC! Finger pointing is useless because the media resorts to the famous dialogue from the Rajini starrer Sivaji: “It’s a coincidence, damn it!”
• The elections, the results and the high profile arrests that preceded and followed the elections were important but why does the media have to dump one sensational story after another as soon as the pursuit for the next big one ends?
• Why did the media ignore the fact that the proposed lokpal bill was undemocratic? Why does it constantly assume that the voters are fools?
• Am I the only one who feels that the media is deliberately highlighting the issues that strike a chord with the middle class and the affluent? I don’t remember seeing farmer suicides and oppression on the first pages of newspapers or on primetime recently while I come across millions of posts on the aforementioned issues on the internet! Excuse me if I am wrong.
• Who are these crusaders btw? Film stars who don’t miss an opportunity to showcase their opulence in style, but transform into aam aadmis during tax raids, students who exhibit their patriotism only on facebook and during an indo-pak cricket match, foolish youngsters who satisfy themselves by believing that missed call campaigns and sms-propagandas are enough to win the second war of independence against corruption, the graduates lazing around in pursuit of the requisite documents to fly to the US and parents making the occasional financial “compromise”(read ‘bribe’) to send their sons/daughters abroad or exercise their illegally doped up financial might to push their offspring into a “reputed” engineering or medical college so that he/she can get placed in a MNC.
• Oh, I almost forgot the IT professionals and the call center employees who massage the egos of their foreign bosses, the sycophants who are ever-faithful to the western corporate world and the NRIs who innocently ignore custom duty!
• What is corruption? Paying off a traffic cop is not corruption, bribing a clerk or a queue supervisor for “fast service” is not corruption, manipulating salary slips and re-imbursable bills is not corruption but a minister swindling a “few” crores for the upcoming elections is corruption! Sorry if I sounded like a Shankar-film protagonist! In simpler terms, FUCK YOU HYPOCRITES!
• The solution: Stop complaining. No idea! Let’s laugh at Abhishek Bachchan instead!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment at

    You are very right in your opinion. I agree with everything except the foreign bosses part.

  2. Well said, Sudarshan. I liked your take on IT professionals. I'm an IT professional, and I have to agree with your view - it's always like that.

    I agree with your final point as well. The fight against corruption should start with ourselves. One way or the other we all are corrupt.

  3. @joshi: sorry boss no offence meant! :)

  4. Sandhya RavishankarMay 28, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    we need faith and hope from u guys!!! well written but pls don't become a cynic already! :)

  5. hi!
    i guess u leaving the key issue again at hand, the idea is to stop corruption now what NRI's are doing or this and that u sounds like media again that is what is hitting the chord the issue remains n that is to get rid of corruption now we all have to try do best what we can do it do not indulge in corrupt activities it would help start from yourself and then the world but yes it is great start hopefully leading to some sunlight

  6. I hope with recent coverage of Indian Against Corruption movement by media, you got the answer where Anna is ! Government tried to sideline the movement, postpone dates after dates, changed the stance, i,e from Dec 2010 to Feb 2011, Anna and team wrote letters, requested meetings with PMO, Congress High command, President, Opposition etc etc, but nobody turned up, then they tried to wash off by saying that we are already working on Lokpal bill for years then they tried to malign the name of the team etc etc and after every 1-2 weeks a new comment kept on popping from somebody in Congress. If you really want to know where Anna is and was in past 6 years, please visit their offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and try to find out what they have been doing. Believe it or not, but the society has changed a lot in past 5 years,so there's no point in procrastinating the youth showing their anger in facebook. Unfortunately a million people like MTV or FTV on facebook, while only a fourth have joined IAC!