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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sudarshan Varadhan
Express News Service
First Published : 19 Jun 2010 02:04:14 AM IST
Last Updated : 19 Jun 2010 09:49:20 AM IST

Where to chill out

Hold hands, play colony cricket, share stories, head to the spa or invoke the gods. We give you the options to unwind, bond and celebrate

Musical day

* Make it a positive morning, head to Santhome Church for the morning choir at 9am.

Ph: 24980758

* By now if you’re craving pancakes with maple syrup and some spicy-sausages served with mash, head to Sandy’s at Rutland Gate. Avg cost for two: Rs.500 . Ph: 42303852

* Event: Solder Live at Bucks Theatre, YMCA Grounds, Royapettah

* Often there is something musical about tranquility.

Head to Amethyst and do some lime and honey shots and dig into chocolate chip cake slice.

Ph: 28351143

* After the relaxing caffeine break, head to Unwind Centre for some lilting music and live performances.

Ph: 65379572


* B e g i n with a breezy walk on the Elliot’s beach, followed by a moist sugar doughnut at Funk Jazz (Rs 50) and a piping hot coffee. Ph: 43018585

* Pamper yourself at Aura, The Park Spa. A luxurious back scrub with some de-stressing strokes and kneading costs - Rs 2000+ taxes.

Ph: 42676000

* Stride in with confidence into Annalakshmi, the pure vegetarian fine-dining restaurant.

With its unique concept of rotating chefs and tourists preparing the meal, you’re bound to delight daddy dearest with a burst of flavour that is easy on the pocket. Avg cost for two: Rs 1800 Ph: 28525109

* Head to GRT Radisson Temple bay for the rest of the evening. Lie on the hammocks, sip on chilled beer and delight in the cool ambience under the shady trees and floral stretches. Take a dip in the infinity pool and down some margarita’s before you head to The Wharf, a bay facing seafood eatery, complete with world-class wines.

Avg cost for two: Rs 3000. Ph: 66500000

* On the way back, catch a movie while relaxing in your car at Prarthana Drive-in theatre. avg cost for two:Rs.500 Ph: 24491692

Get Sporty

* Wake up to a sunny day. And head to Taj Coromandel for a soak in the pool. Ph: 66002098

* Then head to Prego, the in-house Italian eatery at the hotel for an elaborate lunch of lobsters, pasta's, oysters and crispy hot plates. Avg cost for two: Rs 2000 Ph: 66002827

* After a nice indulgent lunch, head to AKDR golf course on the OMR and play a game with dad or just watch him play and spark off an interesting conversation.

Avg cost for 2: Rs 750 Ph: 24961617

* Then head straight to café coffee day and order a couple of cups of creamy cappuccino and crispy samosas and hot sandwiches to your menu. Avg cost for two: Ph: 64625575

* Go back home and try organising a intrafamily carom tournament after bonding over a nice and light home made dinner with your family.


* Wake your dad up early in the morning and make him the best filter coffee. Take him to the nearest temple and invoke the blessings of the almighty.

* Follow it up with a light hot breakfast and spend some time with him as you listen to nice melodious music on your music system Surprise him by getting his old pals home. Rejoice and remain a silent spectator as you watch your dad recollect the best moments of his green and salad days.

* Organise a movie screening at home after lunch and watch his favourite movie along with him and his friends.

* Take him out for a nice long walk along the seashore and conclude it with tea and snacks at Saravana bhavan as you discuss a variety of topics like music, art, cinema and politics.

Ph: 28191255

* Let the day draw to a close with a nice light hearted discussion along with your family members on the terrace as you feel the titillating sea breeze blow past you!

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