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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sudarshan Varadhan
First Published : 22 Jun 2010 12:26:00 AM IST
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JUST a little more than a dozen beautiful girls lit up the ballroom of Taj Coromandel as they sang their way to glory as the enthusiastic crowd stayed glued to the podium, watching with bated breath. Whim n Rhythm came up with an evening of appealing Capella fare and gave the event an invigorating start with their traditional opening song Shaking the tree. Each singer came up to the main microphone and sang different parts of the song as the audience got acclimatised to their voices.

Do right, the second song of the evening was impressive, thanks to the wonderful synchronisation of the high-pitched and the bassy humming in the background. The apposite finish and the fantastic co-ordination made up for the fussy female lead singer who failed to impress.

Vision of love, sung by Allison Bruff was undoubtedly the showstopper of the evening. She made a striking impact with her husky voice and tempo.

Next in store was a football medley, No hope for Harvard, that had the audience in splits, for it was a song peppered with a nice rhythm and hilarious lyrics. An amazing composition which fitted into the lyrics like a glove, stood out for its energetic rhythm, wacky modulation and strange noises like barking of dogs, mewing of cats etc.

The fifth track was Black coffee, which had a singer with a seductive voice at the helm and had an eerie feel through out. It also seemed to have deliberately irrelevant lyrics.

The next song had an indian girl with chennai roots reaching out to the audience with her innovative and crystal clear rendition punctuated with free flowing lyrics, which was styled like a ballad. The last few songs of the day starting with Love me or leave me, was regretfully monotonous and gave the audience an “I have heard this before” feel.

The next one rightly named Softly was brief.

The song You have time was intense with well written intelligent lyrics supported soul-stirring singing and a classy chorus that left the audience dumbstruck.

A few ordinary and unforgettable songs followed. But the girls finished with a bang with the final song that was completely different from the rest, as a nice peppy track set the mood for a highly bouncy cocktail party that followed. An evening of whim and rhythm of course.

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